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Our expensive gifts represent the finest handcrafted items that are made in the Holy Land. Each unique expensive gift item is a work of fine Christian art. These lovely expensive gifts are of heirloom quality and each gift comes with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity. You will also receive our Holy Land Treasures gift card with every expensive gift purchase. We will gladly personalize your gift card for free when you are having the gift shipped directly to the recipient, simply place your remarks in the gift card notes box at checkout.

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Large Olivewood Last Supper
Large Olivewood Last Supper [HLT241110A]
[Reg. $1,122.50]
Sale Price $979.00
Large Indoor Luxury Nativity Scene (Musical) Large Olive Wood Nativity Set
Large Olive Wood Nativity Set [Manger Scene 7-7A6]
[Reg. $1,350.00]
Sale Price $1,199.00
Unique Last Supper Carving
Unique Last Supper Carving [HLT241010]
[Reg. $415.00]
Sale Price $369.00
Olive Wood Nativity Set
Olive Wood Nativity Set [Manger Scene 5-3A1]
[Reg. $659.00]
Sale Price $589.00
Jesus Washing The Disciple's Feet Olivewood Statue - Large Madonna and Child Statue
Madonna and Child Statue [HLT171113A]
[Reg. $217.50]
Sale Price $189.00
Large Luxury Gift Indoor Nativity Scene Set
Large Pieta Statue
Large Pieta Statue [HLT101212A]
[Reg. $422.50]
Sale Price $369.00
Large Good Shepherd Statue
Large Good Shepherd Statue [HLT132615A]
[Reg. $359.00]
Sale Price $319.00
Large Madonna and Child Statue (21" Tall) Large Fourteen Stations Crucifix 15.5"
Large Fourteen Stations Crucifix 15.5" [HLT108]
[Reg. $149.00]
Sale Price $119.99

These fine expensive gifts are a unique way to honor someone dear for a special occasion and gives them a piece of the Holy Land to cherish. If you are looking for fine unique gift items our expensive gifts category may offer just what you are looking.

Our expensive gifts are not turned out in some large factory with no thought of what is being made. Our expensive gifts are handcrafted by some of the finest Christian artisans in the world. And to further add to the unique nature of our expensive gifts, these gift items are made in Bethlehem near the site where the Lord Jesus was born.

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