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Our Christian gifts feature some of the most beautiful and unique gifts in the world. All of our lovely Christian gifts are made in the Holy Land by some of the most talented Christian artisans in the world. Most of our Christian gifts are handcrafted and we feel represents some of the finest Christian art in the world today. Each Christian gift that we offer comes with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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Musical Olive Wood Nativity Scene Set Lovely Indoor Wooden Nativity Set Unique Indoor Olive Wood Christmas Nativity Scene Set Large Luxury Gift Indoor Nativity Scene Set
Unique Modern Musical Nativity Scene Set Lovely Hand Carved Wooden Manger Scene (Musical) Hand Carved Wooden Modern Nativity Scene Set Hand Carved Olive Wood Modern Nativity Scene Set
Our Finest Contemporary Christmas Nativity Scene Large Unique Indoor Nativity Scene Set Fine Unique Nativity Scene Set Beautiful Modern Muscial Nativity Scene Set

Our unique and beautiful Christian gifts are unlike anything else you will find in the US or online. Our fine Christian gifts are not turned out in large factories with no thought of what is being made. Most of these unique religious gifts are made by some of finest Christian craftsmen in the world, near the site where the Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Christian businessmen and craftsmen Hani Handal and Jeries Facouseh manufacture most of our line of Christian gifts. They are not just fine craftsmen, they are fine godly men and dear personal friends and brothers to Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures.

The Christian gifts that you will find here at Holy Land Treasures have a unique features that you will not find at other Christian gift stores. Our Christian gifts are made in their entirety by Christians in the Holy Land. Our wonderful craftsmen live in Bethlehem near the site where the Lord Jesus was born. Most of our beautiful Christian gifts are made from Holy Land olive wood. To have a Christian gift that is made near His birthplace and made from Holy Land olive wood that grows out of the same ground that He trod, does not mean these gifts have any mystical power, but it does stir the soul.

Our dear friend Jeries Facouseh makes many of our fine Christian gifts. Jeries is world renowned for his Christian artwork with his beautiful crosses and statues adorning churches and fine homes around the world. We are a little biased because we love Jeries so, but his Christian gifts touch the heart like no other Christian gift products that we have ever seen. Jeries' olive wood workshop (Olivart) is on Manger Street in Bethlehem, about a 10 minute walk from where the Lord Jesus was born. Jeries usus Holy Land olive wood from the Galilee region to carve most of his fine Christian gifts. This area is where the Lord spent much of His earthly life. The Christian gifts that Jeries produces in his Bethlehem Olivart workshop are made near the site of the Lord's birth from olive wood that grew where He spent most of His 33 years on this earth. There are many olive wood carving shops that produce Christian gifts in Bethlehem. However we have never seen anyone that comes close to producing the high consistent quality of Christian gifts that Jeries produces. Jeries goes the extra mile in all of the Christian gifts that he manufactors, with a little bit of his heart in each gift.

Hani and Johnny Handal also produce a number of our Christian gifts. Though these men have the same last name they are brothers in law, not brothers. The Christian gifts that they produce are very unique. Hani has a casting shop where he makes our line of keychains and centerpieces to many of our unique crosses. Most people have no idea that such unique Christian gifts are even made in the Holy Land. With the work that Hani does it enables us to truthfully state that our Christian gifts are made in their entirety in the Holy Land. Many of the small inexpensive Christian gifts that we sell are made next door to Hani's in Johnny's olive wood workshop. Johnny makes our small olive wood crosses and other small inexpensive Christian gifts that we sell as gifts in bulk to churches all over the world.

Though there are many Christian gifts made in the Holy Land very few are marketed here in the US. That is because of the problem of not being able to obtain Christian gifts of consistent quality. If that has been a problem with you, you need look no further for your Christian gifts from the Holy Land. We guarantee quality or your money back. We very seldom have a return of any of our Christian gifts but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your Christian gift purchase you may return it for a hassle free refund, no questions asked.

Many of our unique Christian gifts are found nowhere else in the world, not even in shops in the Holy Land. Many of our beautiful Christian gifts are designed by Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA, and made exclusively for us. We are adding new gifts on a regular basis, most of the time weekly. It is our desire that each of our Christian gifts glorify the Lord and serve as a blessing to all that receive.

We also feel like that we do more than has ever been done to authenticate that our Christian gifts are made in the Holy Land and are actually made by Christians there. With each of our Christian gift products you will receive a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity. Underneath all of our larger Christian gifts (such as our statues and candlesticks) you will find a made in the Holy Land seal of authenticity. This has never been done in the past for any Christian gifts made in the Holy Land.

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