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Our bereavement gifts make a lasting gift of sympathy to those that are suffering the loss of a loved one. All of our moving bereavement gifts are made in the Holy Land, handcrafted by Christian artisans in the birthplace of the Lord Jesus, Bethlehem. With our unique sympathy bereavement gifts we seek to honor the memory of one that has gone to be with the Lord and provide a lasting heartfelt keepsake to comfort the bereaved. Each of our unique bereavement gifts come with made in the Holy Land certificates of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures bereavement gift card. We can ship your sympathy bereavement gift directly to the bereaved (USPS Priority Mail, 1 to 3 days) and personalize your breavement gift card at no extra charge. It will be evident how to do this in checkout or you may call us toll free 9 to 9 Eastern, 1-866-416-4659.

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Bereavement Gift Comfort Cross (Also Priced for Bulk Purchases) Bereavement Gift Catholic Crucifix Bereavement Gift Wall Cross of the Risen Christ Risen Christ Bereavement Gift Wall Cross (11")
Bereavement Gift Wall Cross (Risen Christ) Catholic Bereavement Gift Rosary with Holy Land Soil Centerpiece "Risen Christ" Bereavement Gift Wall Cross Olive Wood Bereavement Gift Crucifix
Bereavement Gift Wall Cross with Holy Land Soil Bereavement Gift Crucifix Baby Bereavement Gift Praying Hands Bereavment Gift Praying Hands
Bereavment Gift Praying Hands [HLT251013J]
[Reg. $79.00]
Sale Price $69.00

Our bereavement gifts are unique and are offered exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures. All of our sympathy bereavement gifts are made in the Manger Street Bethlehem shops of our dear friends, Christian artisans Jeries Facouseh, Hani Handal and Johnny Handal. These bereavement gifts are not turned out in large factories with no thought of what is being made. As is evidenced by the images of our bereavement gift products, each gift of sympathy is made with skill and care with a little of the artists heart in each piece.

Our bereavement gifts serve only for Christian gifts of sympathy and memorial. None of our memorial bereavement gifts are secular but each gift seeks to honor the memory of one that has gone to be with the Lord and comfort the bereaved on that basis. For Catholic Christians, we have many traditional Catholic sympathy bereavement gifts that include our saint statues and crucifixes.

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