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Bulk Catholic Gifts

These bulk Catholic gifts are all made in the Holy Land by Catholic artisans, not far from the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. These inexpensive Catholic gifts are offered in bulk quantities to provide inexpensive small gifts for Catholic Churches, congregations and groups. With bulk Rosaries, necklaces, small Crucifixes and more we offer small inexpensive Catholic gifts in  bulk for all occasions. If you have need of very large quantities of small Catholic gifts please call us toll free at 1 866 416 4659 up to 9PM Eastern.  

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Bulk Olive Wood Rosaries (Boxed) Unique Olive Wood Rosaries (Bulk Quantity Discount, Boxed) Olive Wood Rosaries (Bulk Priced, Unboxed) Olive Wood Rosaries with Holy Land Soil Centerpieces (By the Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed)
Unique Olive Wood Rosaries (By the Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed) Olive Wood Rosaries with Carved Beads (By the Dozen, Bulk, Unboxed) Roman Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced with graduated discounted prices) Large Nativity Scene Bell Ornaments (Priced individually and in bulk)
10 Rosaries with Tiger's Eye Beads (Bulk, 10 @ $11.00 Each) Mother of Pearl Rosary Bracelets (Bulk Priced)   

Our bulk Catholic products make lovely Catholic gifts. Ideal for Catholic party favors to all occasions where large quantities of small inexpensive Catholic gifts are required, nearly all of our bulk gifts come with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity.

Our bulk Catholic gifts are made by some of the finest Catholic artisans in the Holy Land. Pride in their work is evident in the images of their products displayed here. The craftsmen that manufacture these small inexpensive Catholic gifts are fine godly men as well, dear personal friends of Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA.

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