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Brown, 1 Nativity Olive Wood Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene

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2 Nativity Scenes @ $1140 Each

2 Nativity Scenes @ $1140 Each Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene
5 Nativity Scenes @ $1050 Each

5 Nativity Scenes @ $1050 Each Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene
3 Nativity Scenes @ $1100 Each

3 Nativity Scenes @ $1100 Each Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene
4 Nativity Scenes @ $1080 Each

4 Nativity Scenes @ $1080 Each Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene

Lovely Indoor Nativity Scene

SKU # Manger Scene 5-6R2
Color / Quantity: Brown, 1 Nativity
Material: Olive Wood
Price: $1,179.00 [Reg. $1,305.00]

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 19.5" W x 16" T x 16" D (Brown, 1 Nativity) $1,179.00

From the Holy Land of Israel, this lovely indoor Nativity set is made from olive wood. The set features 17 meticulously detailed figurines, all hand carved with a detail that rivals our largest most expensive indoor sets. The stable with this fine indoor Nativity is a masterpiece and is made to easily assemble and disassemble. All of our beautiful indoor Nativity scenes from the Holy Land come with our gift card and a certificate of authenticity.

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Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh hand carves our lovely indoor Nativity scenes in his biblical Bethlehem carving shop just a few minutes walk from the site where Christ our Lord was born. The figurines include the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, 3 wise men, 1 shepherd, 8 animals and an angel that hangs from the star.

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