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Brown, 1 Nativity Olive Wood and Ceramic Unique Wooden Nativity Scene

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4 Nativity Scenes @ $409 Each

4 Nativity Scenes @ $409 Each Unique Wooden Nativity Scene
5 Nativity Scenes @ $405 Each

5 Nativity Scenes @ $405 Each Unique Wooden Nativity Scene
3 Nativity Scenes @ $415 Each

3 Nativity Scenes @ $415 Each Unique Wooden Nativity Scene
2 Nativity Scenes @ $415 Each

2 Nativity Scenes @ $415 Each Unique Wooden Nativity Scene

Unique Wooden Nativity Scene

SKU # Manger Scene 4-2D2
Color / Quantity: Brown, 1 Nativity
Material: Olive Wood and Ceramic
Price: $549.00

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 19"W x 9.25" x 8.75" (Brown, 1 Nativity) $549.00

This unique wooden Nativity scene is hand carved from Holy Land olive wood and is absolutely spectacular. This unique wooden set comes with a 12 piece set of Nativity figurines (average height 5" tall) that are displayed in the most unique and beautiful wooden stable that we have ever seen. The roof of this wooden Nativity stable is made from olive wood wedges, with the bark still attached, and supported by 2 small olive wood logs. This unique indoor manger scene also comes with a Nativity scene tealight candle holder and a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity.

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The Nativity figurines with this unique wooden Nativity scene are the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, 1 shepherd, 3 wise men, 4 stable animals and the manger (the feeding trough that Mary used for a bed for Baby Jesus). The Holy Land olive wood used to make this fine wooden Nativity scene is from olive tree prunings from the Galilee region, an environmentally friendly practice that promotes the health of these sometimes very old olive trees.

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The workshop of our dear friend Jeries Facouseh, where this unique wooden Nativity set is carved, is on Manger Street in Bethlehem, not far from the site where the Lord Jesus was born. Jeries is the premier Nativity artisan of the Holy Land and his work adorns homes and churches across the world. The tealight candle holder is made by Bethlehem ceramic artist Peter Canavanti. This unique wooden Nativity scene is a wonderful idea for Christian gifts and is found exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures USA.

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