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Indoor Modern Nativity Scene (Musical) | 5 Nativity Scenes @ $495 Each

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25" W x 16" T x 16"



About this Indoor Modern Nativity Scene (Musical) | 5 Nativity Scenes @ $495 Each

Hand carved from Holy Land (Israel) olive wood in biblical Bethlehem, this modern indoor Nativity scene comes with 13 adorable figurines, 2 candlesticks and a masterpiece musical stable with a wind up Silent Night music box on the back. The stable is made to easily assemble and disassemble with no tools needed. The figurines are hand carved in modern (contemporary or faceless) style and average 5" tall. They include the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, one shepherd, five animals and three wise men. All of our lovely modern indoor Nativity scenes are handcrafted in the carving shop of Christian artisan Jeries Facouseh in biblical Bethlehem and each lovely set comes with our gift card and a certificate of authenticity.

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