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Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts from the Holy Land to bring comfort to the bereaved and honor the memory of a loved one.

An inspirational memorial gift from the Holy Land will do what flowers can not do. Our gifts provide a loving,meaningful and lasting memorial gift to comfort the ones who have suffered loss and honor a loved one. We have unique memorial gifts in every price range from memorial gifts that the average person can afford to expensive fine art memorial gifts. All of our memorial gifts are also suitable to be given to your church as a gift and be permanently displayed to honor a loved one. A gift card with a lovely picture of the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane comes with each inspirational memorial gift. You may also want to look at some of our other inspirational gift categories to find a unique memorial gift for your needs. We will also be glad to personalize your memorial gift card for free, just type in your words of condolence on the shipping notes at checkout.

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For Christian memorial gifts and Catholic memorial gifts, we feel that we have a unique gift idea, a lasting memorial gift to honor the memory of a loved one that has gone on to be with the Lord. All of our memorial gifts are made near the birthplace of the Lord Jesus, by some of the finest Christian artisans in the world. (These men are also fine, godly men, and dear personal friends of Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA.  Each memorial gift that we sell is a gift that will be cherished for life.

 A memorial gift should be an item that causes people to look. We offer memorial gifts that will not only be noticed, but they will be awe inspiring. Each of our memorial gifts is a beautiful unique piece of art, with no other piece exactly like it anywhere. Our memorial gifts are only fitting for Christians however, as they glorify the Lord that the loved one has gone to be with. And with our memorial gifts being made in the Holy Land, this adds an extra element. Our memorial gifts are made from Holy Land olive wood that grows out of the same ground that the Lord Jesus walked upon. Our memorial gifts also come in a wide range of prices with memorial gifts under $20.00 to memorial gifts over $1000.00. These memorial gifts are found online exclusively here at Holy Land Treasures with many memorial gifts made exclusively just for us and designed by Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA. With each memorial gift order, we will try to expedite it, so that it will reach the bereaved as soon as possible.

Our memorial gifts also provide lasting gifts. Years from now these memorial gifts will still be doing the work of honoring the memory of a loved one. Many people display memorial gifts in the home but these memorial gifts are also ideal to be displayed in a church as well. A memorial gift to your church in the memory of a loved one is a way to honor your loved ones memory in a way that others can share.

  A memorial gift should be an item that brings comfort to the bereaved. Our memorial gifts strive to do just that. With beautiful hand carved Christian statues, crosses and more, these memorial gifts stand as a constant reminder of the Lord and what He has done for us. One of our most popular memorial gifts is our memorial Bibles. The gift and knowledge of God's Word is perhaps the best memorial gift of all.

  Some of our memorial gifts are better suited to be given in memory of a man and other gifts more suited to be given in memory of a woman. If you are looking for a memorial gift for a man our praying hands statues are by far the most popular gift. For a memorial gift for a woman our Virgin Mary statues seem to be our most popular.

  Our memorial gifts are for all Christian denominations. Memorial gifts such as our statues of Jesus or our beautiful olive wood wall crosses cross all denominational lines. We do have a selection of memorial gifts that is geared for those of Catholic faith. Our Catholic memorial gifts represent our finest Catholic gifts for bereavement.

All of our memorial gifts are inspirational. Every gift that we offer will stir the heart of a Christian. Our inspirational memorial gifts will occupy a special place in the home of the bereaved and will always serve as a symbol of the hope that Jesus brings for life beyond the grave. Our inspirational memorial gift cards that come free with each of our gifts can also be personalized, conveying your condolences, and can be stood beside any of our memorial gifts.

Most memorial gifts are not packaged where they loudly proclaim where they are made. The fact that our memorial gifts are made by Christian artists in the Holy Land is a fact that we try to convey with every memorial gift that we sell. Each of our inspirational memorial gifts will come with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity that can be displayed beside the gift.

Our memorial gifts also offer another unique feature. Each memorial gift that we sell is a one of a kind original, just like the one the gift is given in memory of. Our beautiful statues and crosses are each hand carved from Holy Land olive wood. Being handcrafted and with no two pieces of the lovely olive wood being exactly the same, each of our memorial gifts has its own beautiful and unique characteristics.

Often, when you live far away and you are not able to be there in person, one feels like they should give a memorial gift that is a little more than traditional flowers. All of our memorial gifts provide a special and a unique way to convey your condolences. Flowers, gift baskets and other gifts such as this are wonderful gifts of bereavement to send but these memorial gifts soon are discarded. Our beautiful and unique religious memorial gifts last a lifetime and will never be discarded.

If we are shipping your memorial gift directly to the bereaved we go the extra mile to make the gift as special as possible. With our personalized memorial gift card you can convey your condolences in a personal and heartfelt way. When you are in the checkout process for your memorial sympathy gift item, you will see a box for gift card and shipping notes. Place your condolences in the box and we will transfer them to the memorial gift card. You can also let us know if you would like a message on the outside of the box of your memorial gift order. We will post this message, making it as personal as possible, on the outside of the box containing your memorial gift.