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We gladly provide samples of our favors. Call us toll free @ 1-866-416-4659 or email us. (We can not mail samples to individuals, this is for churches only.) Our church favors offer wonderful inexpensive small Christian gifts in bulk for a church congregation. All of these small gifts are made by Christians in the Holy Land, and make inexpensive (not cheap) gifts for your church members that will always be cherished. Click any of the below to simplify your favors search.

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Star of Bethlehem Cross Necklaces (Bulk quantities) Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk priced) Jesus Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced) Cross with Dove (Holy Spirit) Necklaces (Bulk sale priced quantities)
Risen Christ Cross Necklaces (Buy at large bulk discount prices) Cross Necklaces (Bulk discount quantities) Faith Symbol Necklaces (Bulk quantities) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale priced)
Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk discounts) Cross with Crown of Thorns Necklaces (Bulk priced graduated discounts) Cross Necklaces (Buy in bulk quantities) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk buy quantity discounts)
First Communion Necklaces (Bulk priced) Holy Spirit Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced) Oval Jesus Cross Necklaces (Priced for bulk purchases) Small Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk volume priced)
"Fish Symbol" Jesus Necklaces (Bulk prices) Unique Small Wood Cross Necklaces (Bulk price discounts) Christian Fish Symbol with Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale quantities) Peace Dove Necklaces (Bulk discounts for volume)
Wooden Cross Necklaces (Bulk buy sale quantities) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk discounts) T Shaped Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced with graduated discounts) Roman Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced with graduated discounted prices)
Small Crosses Under $1.00 for Church Favors Wholesale Catholic Church Favors (Gift Set #1) Wholesale Christmas Favors Wholesale Small Gifts in Bulk for a Church (Set # 2)
Wholesale Small Bulk Gifts for a Church (Set # 1)    

We list a bulk volume discount sale price for all of our church favors. Though all of these small gifts are inexpensive we do not call them cheap church favors.

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