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Our olive wood Crosses commemorate the greatest , most loving Divine act of all time and eternity. Each of these groups of small wooden Crosses are made in Bethlehem and each individual olive wood Cross comes with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity, even with large bulk orders. Our larger wall Crosses come with a "Made in Bethlehem" cerificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card. Although these olive wood crosses are made in Bethlehem many that search for them online look for olive wood crosses from Jerusalem. Use the links below to help you shop.

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Unique Nativity Scene Olive Wood Wall Cross (Also priced to buy in bulk) Olive Wood Hand Crosses (Bulk Orders of 50 or More) Personalized Engraved Olive Wood Comfort Crosses in Bulk 15" Hand Carved Olive Wood Wall Cross
Hand Carved Carved Olive Wood 20" Wall Cross Large Decorative Wooden Wall Cross
Large Decorative Wooden Wall Cross [HLT1002D]
[Reg. $790.00]
Sale Price $699.00
Olive Wood 15 Inch Wall Cross with 4 Holy Land Articles Large 4 Foot Olive Wood Wall Cross
Large 4 Foot Olive Wood Wall Cross [HLT721B]
[Reg. $599.00]
Sale Price $549.00
Large 4'4" Standing Holy Land Olive Wood Cross Large 6' 4" Standing Olive Wood Cross
Large 6' 4" Standing Olive Wood Cross [HLT733B]
[Reg. $1,940.00]
Sale Price $1,799.00
Large 4 Foot Old Rugged Olive Wood Wall Cross Large Olive Wood Wall Cross (6 Foot)
Large Olive Wood Wall Cross (6 Foot) [HLT732H]
[Reg. $1,698.00]
Sale Price $1,499.00

Our olive wood crosses from the Holy Land are always ideal gifts for all Christian denominations. These lovely olive wood crosses are all made of Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem. It is a standard practice for all of the wooden crosses that we sell to have Jerusalem stamped on the back of the cross. This does not mean that these crosses are from Jerusalem, but rather that the Lord Jesus paid for our sins in Jerusalem at Calvary.

You will also find that our beautiful wooden crosses are also priced for sale in bulk quantities. You save a great deal when you buy our wooden crosses in bulk. These olive wood crosses make the ideal gift for any time of year as what Jesus did on the cross never goes out of season. Our most popular olive wood crosses are our smaller crosses which we sell in large bulk quantities. These beautiful small wooden crosses are ideal small inexpensive Christian gifts for a group.

We also have a continually growing line of beautiful and unique wall Crosses. These lovely olive wood wall crosses are designed by Rev. Ricky Anderson, owner of Holy Land Treasures USA, and are found nowhere else in the world. Many of these crosses feature glass containers inset into the cross containing different articles from the Holy Land. You will also find crosses for special occasions such as our baptism wall crosses. Perhaps the most unique olive wood wall cross that we sell is our Nativity scene wall cross.

These lovely wooden crosses are very special as they are made from Holy Land olive wood that grew out of the same ground that the Lord once trod. We also do everything that we can do to authenticate that as well. With each olive wood cross that you purchase from us, we will provide a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity.

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