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Story of Jesus Crosses

These large wooden crosses are called our "Story of Jesus" crosses and Crucifixes. These large standing and wall hanging crosses are designed and handcrafted by Holy Land Treasures owner Ricky Anderson. Rich in symbolism, the center cross is made from 3 pieces of wood and is 3 layers thick to represent the Holy Trinity. There are 4 spokes coming out from the center of the cross to represent the 4 Gospels. In total, each cross is made from 33 separate pieces of wood to represent the 33 earthly years of the Lord Jesus, from His birth to His ascension back into Heaven. A framed description comes with each of these large crosses and Crucifixes.

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Large 4 Foot "Story of Jesus" Wooden Wall Cross Large Walnut "Story of Jesus" 30 Inch Wall Cross Large 4 Foot "Story of Jesus" Wall Hanging Crucifix Large 4'4" Free Standing "Story of Jesus" Carved Crucifix
Large 30 Inch "Story of Jesus" Wall Hanging Crucifix Large 3 Foot Free Standing "Story of Jesus" Crucifix Large 3 Foot Standing "Story of Jesus" Cross Large 4'4" Free Standing "Story of Jesus" Cross

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