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Madonna Statues

Our Madonna statues are hand carved olive wood masterpieces. All of our Madonna (Virgin Mary) statues are the work of world renowned Catholic statuary carver Jeries Facouseh. Jeries carves these lovely Madonna statues in his Manger Street Bethlehem carving shop, just a few minutes walk from the site where the Virgin Mary gave birth to the Lord Jesus. These beautiful Madonna (Blessed Mother) statues lovingly depict the Virgin Mary with each statue being hand carved in meticulous detail as is evidenced by the images on our site. With all of our hand carved olive wood Madonna statues you will receive a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity and our Holy Land Treasures gift card.

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No one knows exactly what the Virgin Mary looked like when she walked this earth and we make no claim that our Madonna statues bear her likeness. These statues of the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary are simply the artistic expression of our dear friend Jeries and his team of statue carvers at Olivart. We make every effort to present the Blessed Mother in as reverent way as possible in all of these lovely Virgin Mary statues.

Each individual one of our Madonna statues are a one of a kind original. This is assured by the fact that every one of our Virgin Mary statues are hand carved and though similar, has its own unique features. Our Blessed Mother statues are also assured of being unique as each of our Madonna statues are carved from a seperate piece of Holy Land olive wood, with each piece of wood having its own naturally beautiful characteristics.

Our Madonna statues are made in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. Each of our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary statues are hand carved from prunings of Holy Land olive trees. This assures that each Madonna statue is made in a way that we have a renewable natural resource.

These beautiful Catholic statues of the Virgin Mary make wonderful Catholic gifts for any occasion. We have tried to carve a wide range of Madonna statues so that there is at least one that fits every budget. We can also ship any of our Madonna statues directly to someone if you are sending a gift, eliminating double shipping for you. Just give us the shipping address in checkout of the one you are sending the Blessed Mother statue to and we will gladly package in such a way as the recipient will know that it came from you. You may also have your gift card for your Madonna statue personalized. When you are in checkout with any of our Virgin Mary statues you will see a box saying "gift card notes". Simply place your words in the box and we will transfer them to the gift card and send it out with your Madonna statue.