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Bulk Mothers Day Gifts

These lovely small gifts from the Holy Land are the perfect gifts for churches to give to mothers on Mother's Day. These small wooden Crosses, necklaces, bracelets and more provide quality inspirational gifts in bulk for Mothers Day and other occasions where large quantities of small gifts are needed. Each of these small inexpensive Mother's Day gifts come from the Holy Land and allows the gift recipient to take home something that they will always treasure. Please do not wait to the last minute to order these small inexpensive Mother's Day gifts for your church or Christian group because supplies are limited. Here at Holy Land Treasures we wish a happy Mothers Day to every Godly mother on the face of this earth.

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Small Olive Wood Crosses (20 @ $2.50 each, Also priced to buy in larger bulk quantities) Olive Wood Comfort Cross (Also priced to buy in bulk) 6.5" Inexpensive Wall Cross Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk priced)
Jerusalem Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale prices) Jesus Cross Necklaces (Bulk priced) Cross with Dove (Holy Spirit) Necklaces (Bulk sale priced quantities) Cross Necklaces (Bulk discount quantities)
Faith Symbol Necklaces (Bulk quantities) Celtic Cross Necklaces (Bulk sale priced) Holy Spirit Dove Necklaces (Bulk discounts) Cross with Crown of Thorns Necklaces (Bulk priced graduated discounts)

These small inexpensive Mothers Day gifts in bulk quantities are ideal favors for mothers on Mother's Day. We hesitate to call them cheap favors, because the quality is not cheap, but the prices are very affordable. These small gifts for a church for Mother's Day are keepsakes that will be treasured always.

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