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Catholic Saint Statues

These beautiful Saint statues are each hand carved from Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem, near the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. Our Catholic Saint statues represent the art of the finest Catholic artisans in the Holy Land, with each Saint statue coming with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity. Each of our Saint statues are unique, being hand carved, and with no 2 pieces of the beautiful Holy Land olive wood exactly the same. With each Catholic Saint statue you will also receive our Holy Land Treasures gift card which we will gladly personalize for free.

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St. Joseph Catholic Statue
St. Joseph Catholic Statue [HLT161212]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
St. Francis Statue
St. Francis Statue [HLT162012]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
St. Joseph Wall Plaque
St. Joseph Wall Plaque [HLT162210]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
St. Anthony Statue
St. Anthony Statue [HLT161512]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
St. Joseph Statue
St. Joseph Statue [HLT161012]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
St. Christopher Statue
St. Christopher Statue [HLT161612]
[Reg. $229.00]
Sale Price $199.00
Small St. Joseph Statue
Small St. Joseph Statue [HLT162111]
[Reg. $77.50]
Sale Price $63.20
Large St. Joseph Statue
St. Michael the Archangel Statue
St. Michael the Archangel Statue [HLT152020]
[Reg. $548.00]
Sale Price $499.00
St Michael Statue (Small)
St Michael Statue (Small) [HLT162710]
[Reg. $249.00]
Sale Price $224.00
Large St. John the Baptist Statue
Large St. John the Baptist Statue [HLT162510A]
[Reg. $378.00]
Sale Price $339.00
St. John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus Statue

These beautiful Catholic Saint Statues are more than just figurines. Each lovely Saint statue is a unique, one of a kind work of Catholic art, bringing a piece of the Holy Land into your home. Each of these statues are made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees and no trees are destroyed in the process.

Our dear friend Jeries Facouseh is the artist behind most of our beautiful Catholic saint statues. From his Manger Street Bethlehem carving factory, Jeries and his team produces fine Catholic artworks that are moving and heartfelt. These hand carved saint statues posses no mystic abilities, but the beauty of each hand carved olive wood Catholic saint statue that we sell stirs the soul.

 Each of these beautiful olive wood Catholic saint statues are unique, being hand carved and with each piece of naturally beautiful Holy Land olive wood having its own unique character. One thing remains the same with each of our statues however, the fine meticulous lifelike detail in every carved saint statue. The natural color and lines in our wooden Catholic saint statues add an element of beauty that can not be duplicated with resin statues. Each of our beautiful carved wooden saint statues are given a fine laquer finish to preserve the statue and give lustre to the lovely Holy Land olive wood.

We here at Holy Land Treasures USA feel like we have done more than has ever been done to authenticate that our Catholic saint statues are actually made in the Holy Land by Catholic artisans. With each of our carved wooden saint statues you will receive a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity. Underneath each statue is a seal of authenticity to always show that these carved Catholic saint statues are hand carved in Bethlehem by Christian artisans.

Ideal for Catholic gifts for all occasions, our Catholic saint statues comes in a wide price range to fit nearly every budget.

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