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Hand Carved Olive Wood

Our hand carved olive wood is all carved in the Bethlehem carving factory of Holy Land Treasures official carver, our dear friend and brother Jeries Facouseh. Hand carved olive wood is an art that has been practiced for centuries by Christian artisans in the Bethlehem area. With electricity came electric carving tools and other machinery that speeds the process, but hand carved olive wood still has to have the final carving done by hand. Jeries Facouseh has taken hand carved olive wood to a new level with our beautiful hand carved statues, Nativity sets and Crucifixes. All of our lovely hand carved olive wood is carved from olive wood grown in the Holy Land. In order to have a replenishable resource all of our statues, Nativity sets and Crucifixes are hand carved with only prunings of Holy Land olive trees.

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There are many fine Christian olive wood artisans in the Bethlehem area, but as the images of these hand carved olive wood products attest, the carving of our dear friend Jeries and his team at his Manger Street Olivart carving factory is beyond compare. Many of the statues, Nativity sets and Crucifixes that you will find here are made exclusively for Holy Land Treasures with some of the hand carved olive wood designs coming from Holy land Treasures owner Ricky Anderson.

A word from Ricky Anderson, owner Holy Land Treasures USA. I have loved hand carved olive wood long before I entered the business of selling it. If you have been a customer of ours over the years you have seen many different beautiful models of Holy Land olive wood statues, Nativity sets, etc that we no longer carry. This is because Jeries Facouseh produces hand carved olive wood with a quality that is so unparalled, when it comes to statues, Nativity sets and hand carved Crucifixes we only carry exclusively what Jeries and his team carve. Jeries is not only a fine hand carved olive wood artisan, he is one of the finest friends that I have ever had and I love him as if he were my very own family.

All of our hand carved olive wood is carved in the Olivart carving factory on Manger Street in Bethlehem. Most of our hand carved olive wood is from Holy Land olive trees from the Galilee region, where the Lord Jesus spent much of His earthly life and based His earthly ministry.

Hand carved olive wood is a unique art that was started by a Franciscan Monk based in the Bethlehem area over 400 years ago. Since that time pilgrims from around the world that have taken tours to the Holy Land have been bringing back hand carved olive wood statues, Nativity sets and Crucifixes. Today, there are many web sites that carry hand carved olive wood products from the Holy Land, many of them owned by Palestinians that have emigrated to the US and they carry the olive wood products produced by their family in the Holy Land. At Holy Land Treasures, we desire to take hand carved olive wood to a whole new level, into the mainstream of Christian gifts and Catholic gifts.