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 Our olive wood Christian statues are handcrafted by Christian statue artisans in Bethlehem, the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. Our Christian statues are made by some of the finest Christian olive wood artisans in the Bethlehem area, whose families have practiced and refined the art of olive wood carving for centuries. Our Christian statues are intended to glorify The Lord and His written Word, the Holy Bible by giving an artistic portrayal of biblical characters. Most of our Christian statues are not found anywhere else in the US but exclusively at Holy Land Treasures USA. Each olive wood Christian statue comes with a "Made in Bethlehem" certificate of authenticity. Our Holy Land Treasures inspirational gift card featuring a picture of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives also comes with each Christian statue.

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Large Pieta Statue
Large Pieta Statue [HLT101212A]
[Reg. $422.50]
Sale Price $369.00
Pieta Statue
Pieta Statue [HLT101111]
[Reg. $267.50]
Sale Price $239.00
Olive Wood Statue of the Virgin Mary
Olive Wood Statue of the Virgin Mary [HLT171013]
[Reg. $217.50]
Sale Price $189.00
Statue of The Holy Family Flight Into Egypt- Olivewood
Holy Family Statue (Modern Art Contemporary) Holy Family Statue and  Candle Gift Set Holy Family Statue (Modern Art)
Holy Family Statue (Modern Art) [HLT191312B]
[Reg. $102.50]
Sale Price $89.00
Sacred Heart of Jesus Wall Statue
Sacred Heart of Jesus Wall Statue [HLT121412]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
Joshua and Caleb Wooden Statue
Joshua and Caleb Wooden Statue [HLT161912]
[Reg. $217.50]
Sale Price $189.00
Child in the Hand of God Statue
Child in the Hand of God Statue [HLT253515]
[Reg. $185.90]
Sale Price $159.00
Holy Family Statue with Candle Holy Family Statue and Candle
Holy Family Statue and Candle [HLT111011F]
[Reg. $152.50]
Sale Price $139.00

These beautiful Christian statues represent the loveliest that the Holy Land has to offer. Our Christian statue collection are all hand carved from Holy Land olive wood in Bethlehem with a little of the artist's heart in every statue. Each lovely religious statue is hand carved in meticulous detail.

In buying hand carved wooden statues from the Holy Land, many people wonder if there Christian statue is actually made in the Holy Land. We do everything that we can to authenticate this. Each of our beautiful carved Christian statues comes with the made in Bethlehem seal underneath and with a made in the Holy Land certificate of authenticity.

These lovely carved religious statues are hand carved and therefore each lovely wooden statue is unique. While each of our Christian biblical statues are one of a kind, the statue that you purchase will be similar to the statues you see pictured on our site. We owe this to the steadfast quality of our Christian statue carvers. Each of our beautiful Christian religious statues also come from a unique piece of beautiful Holy Land olive wood which adds to the one of a kind nature of each of our statues.

When you are looking for Christian gifts these lovely statues from the Holy Land offer gifts that will be cherished for life. These lovely statues are Christian gifts that are made by Christians in the Holy Land. Our lovely statues also give the gift recipient Christian gifts that are a piece of the Holy Land that they can enjoy in their home indefinitely.

Our lovely wooden religious Christian statues are largely carved in the olive wood workshop of world renowned Christian statue artisan Jeries Facouseh.

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